Introduction to Uemura

Hello and welcome to Uemura!

Uemura is a firm that specializes in helping the most discerning people to create unique, high-quality experiences with completely integrated services: from managing traveling logistics, to continuous service of a host, or Uemura Assistant.

Our Firm of Experiences is a pooling of various professionals and experts in different fields: from tourism and fashion to finance, communications and design. A team accustomed to working in the high-value markets that saw a need to create the first firm of experiences, which combines all services in an integrated and personalized form to manage all that a client is searching for. Traveling alone, as a couple, with friends, family, for business, or a celebration, at Uemura, whatever it is, we are what you are looking for.


We satisfy all the needs and wishes that may come to mind before or during a trip – if you like improvising, we like it as well – and we completely adapt ourselves to your state of mind or circumstances to make the visit to another city a memorable experience. And to achieve this, we have created a professional local host: a highly prepared guide that will accompany you, consult with you, and manage all experiences to make them uniquely yours.

Given this distinguishing attitude in services, attention, and professionalism, and being an innovative company that also attempts to anticipate the desires of its clients, we wanted a name that would reflect this. What better a name than the one of a discoverer, Naomi Uemura, who was the first man to reach the North Pole alone in 1978, as the benchmark of an agency which discovers the dream experience for each of our clients.


In this blog we will be sharing everything about us: from what we do and who we are, to the experiences we have gone through and all the things we have learned along the way. Will you be joining us in this journey?

You can find us not only here and in our website but also in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We are Artisans of Experiences. We are everything you are looking for!


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