The Uemura Assistant

Uemura’s Values

We are the one and only firm of experiences. That is why only we can offer maximum quality and excellence of services. You can talk directly to us the way you prefer: sending an email to our staff that will answer you as soon as possible to the office of the Uemura City you are interested in visiting as the core of your experience; for urgent questions call our 24/7 line or use live chat in your native language.



  • Who is your Uemura Assistant?

It is your best ally in the city that you visit. This professional, who controls things behind the scenes, to make sure that everything, is perfect. He makes easy what seems impossible. It is that trusted local host with whom you talked before beginning your journey, who has endeavored to get to know you, understand you and your tastes, necessities and expectations so that, when you arrive at your destination, you´ll find everything ready and he will be able to suggest you the best possible activities in the city allowing you to just enjoy, live, and create unique memories.

  • What does your Uemura Assistant do for you?

If you visit a city because you want to celebrate an event with your friends… or you want a romantic getaway as a couple… If you decide to share an unforgettable experience with your family…. or you want to satisfy a whim of being alone and disconnected from the world… If you want to organize a satisfying business reunion, if you are a CEO, you wish to reward you employees for their good work… If you just got married and are looking for a different kind of honeymoon, or you are getting married and you and you friends want to enjoy a bachelor party that you´ll never forget… Here your Uemura assistant will help you have the experience you want with no worries. He will always get the best for you as fast as possible, because he has the most coveted contacts in the city.

  • Who are the best business partners of your Uemura Assistant?

Your Uemura Assistant surrounds himself only with the best of the best. That is why his friends, whom you can meet if you wish, are elite professionals with a high reputation and experts in the best and most exclusive places in the Uemura City you travel to. They provide access to all those services to which only they have the access and which you could not find otherwise. Because admittedly the Uemura Assistant loves to know what, where and how to make your dreams come true. He wants you to be a privileged VIP and one of the few to enjoy our unique services.


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