The Uemura Cities

Our guarantee is that we only create experiences in those cities where we have our physical offices, all our resources, contacts and that we know like the back of our hand. Uemura designs for you your personal, private, unique and completely tailor-made experiences at every moment of your visit in one of the Uemura cities: Valencia, Madrid, Paris, Athens, Kiev and coming soon Prague, Rome and Venice.

Europe, an incredible mosaic of cultures, history and dreams

There are thousands of reasons to travel to Europe. Apart from being our home, it represents the most incredible mosaic of cultures and history on one continent, not to mention famous gastronomy, architecture, natural landscapes, exotic beaches, art, cultural parties, music and theatre, sports, football, shopping, ease of transportation, dream accommodations and, ultimately, a diversity that will make your experience magical and enriching. Sure.


As the lyrics of a traditional song go: “Valencia is a land of flowers and light…”. Valencia is truly a special city. The Mediterranean light welcomes you from the moment you arrive; the bustling life in its streets and terraces will entice you, and you will be enchanted enjoying the delicious paella on the sea shore; the history and architecture of the city will fascinate you and the unmistakable scent of the orange blossoms and sea salt will be sure to create fond memories. Valencia truly is a city to experience, from the inescapable visits to landmarks like La Lonja, the Central Market, The City of Arts and Sciences and the Veles e Vents. You can take a boat trio to Albufera Natural Park to see the paddy fields, orchards and barrack and sample traditional paella. Take a stroll through the old Turia River Channel, a river that was diverted and turned into a marvelous 12 kilometer park through the center of the city which is popular with tourists and locals alike. Visit the ancient churches to see renaissance paintings, the Basilica, Santa Catalina or the Church which show the richness of Valencian history (locals say that the real Holy Grail is on show in a Valencian church). You can take a test drive on the F1 urban track, or simply travel back in time with a visit to the antique shops and the Plaza Redonda workshops. At night, you can visit one of the authentic Valencia nightclubs and rub shoulders with the locals. If you experience Valencia with Uemura, it will captivate you.



Madrid is a cosmopolitan, welcoming, friendly, vibrant and lively city, where the air is filled with happiness and excitement of social life at all times. This passion for life makes the city well oriented to the amusement of its citizens and guests. Whether you are an art lover, a shopping aficionado, a cuisine enthusiast or you love nightlife, sometimes, you only need one weekend in the Spanish capital, this international business center, to understand all that Madrid has to offer you, and as many times you´ll visit it you will always want to return, because it´s a dynamic and innovative city where every day you find thousands of new things to discover. Combining history, tradition and modernity you will have a tough time deciding what to see and do, from famous museums such as El Prado, Queen Sofia Museum and the Thyssen Bornemisza, to galleries, theatres, movies, concert halls, flamenco bars, festivals and traditional parties. Madrid has some of the most innovative and leading restaurants, references of Spanish cuisine, as well as the world´s oldest tapas and traditional restaurants and the city´s has a passionate nightlife that lasts till dawn. Your Uemura Assistant won´t let you lose the best of the best to experience the city as an authentic madrileño and you will feel its passion. You can be sure that your Uemura experience in Madrid will always have a place in your heart.



Paris is famous for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, for its well-known monuments and for being called one of the most romantic places. But stereotypes aside, Uemura offers you an opportunity to get to know the real Paris: a city full of cosmopolitan, cultural, beautiful and entertaining life. Thanks to your Uemura Assistant you will have access to unique places and you will enjoy the city from an exclusive perspective, its bohemian, romantic and sophisticated character, its sounds, the scent of cakes and crepes in those authentic cafes, its museum and ultimately, its marvel in a privileged tailor-made experience for you. Let yourself fall head over heels in love with the city of love, a city full of possibilities and extraordinary experiences is within your reach with Uemura.



There is more to Athens than just the Parthenon and the Acropolis. It is the perfect combination of history, culture, cuisine and relaxation on idyllic beaches. Athens is city basked in sunlight, well known for its hospitality, excellent food, climate, intense nightlife and traditional dances like “bouzoukia” which continues till sunrise. The fabulous Greek turquoise waters with exotic beaches are just 30 minutes from the city center where you can visit the tourist port of Piraues, or swim to a private beach at Santorini to view one of the most unforgettable sunsets in the world. Visit Archova and the mountains where celebrities gather in the winter. Indulge in shopping therapy among the luxury boutiques or go shopping for traditional crafts. Of course, you cannot forget to visit the Acropolis, walk though the picturesque alleyways of Sokakia or wait at the steps of the majestic Poseidon Temple to see how the columns tinge with gold and darken as the sun goes down. You will no doubt want to climb the steps of Lucabeturs, the highest and most central point in the city, the view is a feast for the eyes where you can see the turquoise waters of the sea and the blue sky merge. Uemura is your passport to this world of legend and majesty, it is a fascinating experience.



Shopping, leisure and nightlife in Ukraine. Kiev is the capital and Ukraine’s most beautiful city. Mysterious and almost unknown despite the rich history, cultural diversity and stunning natural beauty. Here you can travel back in time to the era of czars and their impressive castles, visit old churches and impressive architecture. Marvel at Chervonograd with its bridge of the waterfall and incredible landscapes that will fascinate you. If you love to explore new places and have an original experience, Kiev is perfect for you. If you are fond of shopping Kiev is a great place to visit. Aside from luxury boutiques, Kiev is brimming with places where you can purchase art, ceramics and jewelry. It’s an ideal city to see the opera, musicals, puppet theatres or comedy shows. The sophisticated nightclubs will undoubtedly give you a party to remember especially with the help of your Uemura assistant who will get you access to the most exclusive venues and VIP areas.


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