Uemura Experiences

At Uemura we sign each experience. We are personally committed to putting all our knowledge, resources and heart into making your visit a completely tailor-made experience. It will leave a place in your heart. We work to create your life experiences. These are the uemura experiences.



We are not simply visiting the aquarium.
We are swimming with sharks.

Dive with sharks in Oceanographic of Valencia, Europe´s biggest salt water aquarium. Enjoy a fascinating and unforgettable experience with these extraordinary creatures. You will swim surrounded by 1,350 specimens of 51 different species among the impressive bull, gray and nurse sharks, smooth-hounds, sawfish, sunfish and others. To ensure you don’t miss out on anything, you will have the exclusive opportunity to get to know the secrets of this magical place and be granted access to the restricted zone. It will take your breath away.


We are not the bleachers.
We are the VIP box.

A privileged space is waiting for you in the VIP box of Mestalla football stadium, where you will be able to enjoy private catering service during the game. Before the match you will have the exclusive opportunity to go behind the scenes, visit the team’s locker rooms and go out onto the pitch to see the team preparing and warming up. At the end of game you will receive one of the balls used in the match, and an official shirt signed by the team. We will provide the opportunity to rub shoulders with your idols in the mixed zone after the match, and an official Valencia FC photographer will accompany you during the event to make sure you capture this unique experience on film.



We are not merely teaching you the history of a place.
We are making you a part of it.

Become a part of the Ukrainian Cossacks in Kiev, and participate in a show full of emotion and daredevil stunts, in which they demonstrate their legendary horse riding abilities honed in 12th Century battles. Marvel as they stand on horses while galloping at full speed, or ride two horses at the same time. You will have the unique opportunity to visit the Cossack school. This is truly a legendary adventure in which you are the protagonist.


Not just a romantic dinner, straight from a scene in a movie.
We are writing the perfect script, with the ending you desire.

Imagine yourself strolling through the streets of Kiev´s downtown with a special someone whom you want to surprise. Suddenly the people around start to talk louder or imitate a fight and, more and more people, who are actually professional dancers, emerge. They begin to perform an exquisitely choreographed dance for you and the one you love, and all this with live music and impeccable rhythm. A unique surprise that will be a part of your lives. Forever.



We are not “What wine would you like, sir?”.
We are flying you to the vineyard.

Fly over Madrid and its spectacular monumental sights in a helicopter. You will arrive at La Rioja, one of the finest appellations of origin for Spanish wine, to see in private and visit vineyards and old bodegas of Marqués de Riscal with its innovative building designed by Frank O. Gehry, the architect of Guggenheim Museum. This impressive work of art is covered with titanium, colored in pink like red wine; in gold like the mesh on the Riscal bottles; and silver like the bottle top. There you can taste its world-famous award-winning wines with authentic cuisine prepared using the finest ingredients of the region. To pamper yourself, you can enjoy a wine therapy treatment at the exclusive spa. It is simply heaven on earth.


We are not just playing golf.
We are organizing a private session with one of the best golf pros in the world.

Play golf on a world class course with 3 time World Champion and Ryder Cup player Manuel Piñero; one of the finest golfers in Spanish history. All of this in Madrid, a candidate city to host the 2018 Ryder Cup, while you play golf on a closed golf course with the professionals, whilst relaxing and taking in the beauty of the surroundings. Practice your favorite sport, sharing experiences, technique and details. We are sure that after this master class you will improve your handicap.



We are not simply a luxury yacht.
We are a corner of Greece, just for you.

With the sea breeze blowing, this experience will be painted on a turquoise canvas. From the port of Piraeus, a private boat organized by your Uemura Assistant will take you to the Saronic Islands to witness the beauty of the Aegina, Poros and Hydra islands while you enjoy an authentic Greek brunch. You will disembark on the island of Spetses, on a private beach where you can practice horse riding, scuba diving or take a relaxing bath. Meanwhile a chef will prepare a feast made with the freshest local fish, and traditional sweets for dessert. Then, you decide if you just want to relax on the beach or perhaps stroll through the picturesque streets of the island and discover the craftsmen selling their trinkets. A real opportunity to awaken your senses.


We are not merely showing you famous Greek ceramics.
We are teaching you how it feels to make it.

Feel like a child again. Start your day with a magnificent breakfast in Syntagma Square, and then take a visit to one of the craftsman schools, where, accompanied by your Uemura Assistant you will receive a private class in one of the most famous Greek traditions: Ceramics. A master craftsman will teach you how to work with the clay, whilst disconnecting from the world and focusing solely on the feeling of the clay in your hands. When you are finished you can take your ceramic pieces with you, as a memory of the experience. Then, with the gentle breeze you can ride a horse through a beautiful Greek Valley owned by one of the finest riding clubs in Athens. To complete the experience, in the evening you can enjoy a barbecue with panoramic views of the valley.



We are not just visiting a boutique in Paris.
We are taking you to the place where fashion is born.

Stitched with weave silk threads, as if it was haute couture, this uemura experience starts with a breakfast in the famous restaurant “L’Avenue”, popular among international celebrities and crowded during Fashion Week. Then a fashion expert will take you through benchmark houses such as Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton telling their history, with a completely private visit to “Le Palais De Galliera”, the Museum of Fashion that hosts exhibitions and temporary collections of the biggest names in fashion. And one of the fashion’s best kept secrets: “L’Atelier de Haute Couture”, where you will see how with hands of skilled craftsmen culminates the work on each collection. Its doors are never open for public, but under a veil of confidentiality, Uemura will take you to these famous and yet secret places of fashion.


We are not simply a tasting.
We are a surprising fusion of “unexpected” flavors.

It is common practice in Europe to share an intimate moment with good wine and cheese. Perhaps you have never given much thought to the thousands of wine and cheese combinations. Uemura will combine these pleasures for you, creating a wine and cheese tasting experience led by a master winemaker and professional cheese taster in a private space. Discovering new flavors and cultures through your taste buds will give you a unique taste of Paris. Finish your experience with a stroll through one of the most beautiful places in Paris “Le Jardín De Acclimatation”, which will surely be unforgettable.


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